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Reset Polycom IP Phone Configuration

Polycom phones are a popular choice for business communications, providing users with high-quality audio and video capabilities, as well as advanced features like call forwarding, conferencing, and more.

Performing a factory reset on a Polycom phone can be useful in various scenarios, such as troubleshooting issues with the device, restoring it to its default settings, or preparing it for a new user. However, navigating the phone’s settings to perform a factory reset can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

That’s why we’ve put together this webpage to guide you through the process of performing a factory reset on a Polycom phone using simple and easy-to-follow instructions.

1.       Press the Menu button

2.       Press 3 (settings)

3.       Press 2 (advanced)

4.       Press 4, 5, 6  (or whatever your phone password is) then hit the “enter” key

5.       Press 1 (admin settings)

6.       Press 5 (reset to defaults)

7.       Press 3 (format file system)

8.       Press “Yes” key

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