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Synoptix – Restore Corrupted Reports

When you are making a lot of changes to a report in synoptix, it often can crash/freeze which then corrupts the report. Corrupted reports often open just fine but are missing significant portions of the report.

there is a maintain -> “recover local report” option but that has never worked for me.

Here is the procedure i’ve used to restore corrupted reports several times.

  1. restore a backup of the ‘compusoft’ database on your SQL server to a new database name (such as ‘restore_compusoft’)
  2. open the synoptix client, login, then go to “admin”
  3. go to the “server path setup” tab and change the database container name to the name of the database you just restored from backup (such as ‘restore_compusoft’)
  4. hit “apply” button, test should complete successfully, then close the synoptix client
  5. open the synoptix client and login, so you’re now logging into the restored database
  6. go to “maintain” on the main menu, then “export report”.
  7. Export the report you need to recover
  8. Click the home icon in synoptix client, go back to the “admin” page and enter the regular production database name in the field
  9. close synoptix and then reopen and relogin
  10. go to “maintain” on the main menu, then “import report”
  11. import the report to the directory you want it in and name it whatever you like.
  12. Test report
  13. delete the restored database from your SQL server server
  14. try not to think about how much you hate synoptix

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