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Shutdown a hung VM on XenServer

Option 1:

The first thing to try is a force shutdown on the VM:

xe vm-shutdown -–force uuid=[UUID for VM]

If this still doesn’t work you can try taking a look in the XenServer pending task queue:

xe task-listxe task-cancel uuid=[task uuid]

Option 2:

  1. get server’s UUID from xencenter
  2. Run the following command:
    list_domains | grep 6915704e-e6c1-9310-3405-0fcda6fded5e
  3. Run the following command (replacing the “49” with the domain you received from running the command in step 2):
    /opt/xensource/debug/xenops destroy_domain -domid 49

Option 3:

  1. run this: list_domains | grep 6b808153-55ac-5c5b-b778-d596dad8d1a2
  2. run this: /opt/xensource/debug/xenops destroy_domain -domid 162
  3. do an xe-toolstack-restart on the host it was running on
    after that, the server will probably say “vdi unavailable”…
  4. follow these instructions:
  5. run this: xe vm-start vm=DMZwiki
  6. run this: xe vdi-forget uuid=bde9274e-864b-4822-96a7-cd2ed76165f0
  7. run this: xe vdi-param-set uuid=bde9274e-864b-4822-96a7-cd2ed76165f0 name-label=DMZwiki_old


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