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Dump List of Active Directory Users to a File

Active Directory is an essential component of any Windows-based network, and being able to output a list of files within it can be a valuable tool for system administrators. Sometimes you just need a quick list of all the users in AD. Maybe so you can send it to HR so they can confirm that people still work here. Maybe you have some system that can’t do SSO and you want a quick way to setup new users. Heck, maybe you want a backup just in case your domain blows up.

Simple command prompt solution…

ldifde -f C:\ldif\ExportUsers.ldf –s InsertDomainControllerNameHere -d "OU=users and groups,dc=yourdomain,dc=com" -p subtree -r "(objectClass=User)" -l "cn,givenName,Title,SamAccountName"

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