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Determine what Storage Repository a VHD is stored on

In a virtualization environment, virtual hard disks (VHDs) are used to store the data and operating system for virtual machines. When managing multiple virtual machines, it can be challenging to keep track of which VHD is stored in which Storage Repository. Our guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to determine which Storage Repository a VHD is stored on, enabling you to manage your virtualization environment more efficiently.

Open the Terminal for a XenServer host:

[root@{yourservername} ~]# xe sr-list name-label="iSCSI virtualserver lun1"
uuid ( RO) : 749b2765-5fc6-a443-c352-2d69a0fc3b04
name-label ( RW): iSCSI virtualserver lun1
name-description ( RW): iSCSI SR [ (]
host ( RO):
type ( RO): lvmoiscsi
content-type ( RO):

[root@{yourservername} ~]# xe vm-list name-label=CTRAP01
uuid ( RO) : d7060a9e-6279-758d-8f2c-a6fce8725e8f
name-label ( RW): CTRAP01
power-state ( RO): running
[root@{yourservername} ~]# vhd-util scan -f -m "VHD-*" -l VG_XenStorage-749b2765-5fc6-a443-c352-2d69a0fc3b04 -p

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